High yielding investment opportunity secured by real estate

Are you tired of losing money in the stock market or frustrated with the low interest rates paid by banks?  Do you have the feeling that you will never attain your financial goals?  Well, we may have just the ALTERNATIVE you have been looking for!

At Alternative Mortgage Solutions, we are here to provide you with ALTERNATIVES that the bank and the stock market can’t offer.  Our mandate is to provide a high yielding investment opportunity that is secured by real estate in a highly professional manner.

As you may know, real estate has been a solid and sound investment for centuries and despite recessions, wars and stock market crashes, smart investors have constantly looked to real estate when other investments were under-performing.

Did you know, that the S & P 500 index delivered a whopping 3.71% return to investors over the past 10 years? That is not an annual rate of return, but rather the total return over the 10 year period.

How do you think that compares to investing in real estate? Well let me tell you…. and I hope you’re sitting down! Based on the average house price in Canada, over the same 10 year period, real estate went up 232%.

In dollars and cents that means if you invested $10,000 in the index, you would have earned $371. That same $10,000 invested in real estate, would have earned you $23,200.  Why is this important? I think these figures might motivate some people to re think their investment strategy, and maybe look at investing in real estate instead of the roller coaster stock market.

If you are looking for consistent, monthly income month after month with minimum risk then we need to talk.

At Alternative Mortgage Solutions, we will give you the opportunity to be your own banker and we let you choose where you want to invest. Our investment opportunities consist of diversified Real Estate investment, right here within our local economy.

Our private mortgage lenders are effectively private investors seeking to put their funds into private mortgages as an investment vehicle.

Here at Alternative Mortgage Solutions, we are interested in building a long term professional relationship with you in order to provide you with access to the areas of the private mortgage portfolio you would like to invest in. Regardless of your age, private mortgage financing has a lot of benefits to consider both in terms of financial return and investment security.

Let us help you be your own Banker, on your terms.

Call us today 506-854-5626 and let us explain our unique Hero Program designed to power up your investment portfolio and to set up a private meeting!

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